TSOS (29.4.2020)


TSOS were back on Soundwave Radio! Dynamic rapidly rising Italian star duo TSOS, formerly ˝The Scientists of Sound˝, Roberto Reale & Fabio Giunta are rocking the charts around the world with their latest project Sekoba featuring Dj Jim Mastershine released on Bosom, vocal remix of ˝Magic˝ From P60 & Lisa Shaw released on Street King, ˝Kiema˝ produced with percussionist Benjy released on Moon Rocket, and not to forget now already famous Traxsource No. 1 chart breaker ˝Klop˝ also released on Moon Rocket Records!! Their next stop is on David Morales’s record label Diridim Records! Fabio Giunta: ˝We are working on some new projects, one of them featuring Stones & Bones, another completely new with BENJY and many other… total 15 tracks are to be completed and released in 2020!!!˝

LISTEN: https://www.mixcloud.com/dejanklemenc/afterdark-house-with-klemenz-2942020-guests-tsos/

DOWNLOAD: https://hearthis.at/trw2yn9j/afterdark-house-with-klemenz-2942020-guests-tsos/

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