PASO DOBLE (13.5.2020)


Finally, long awaited amazing PASO DOBLE is here!! A DJ & producer and founder Of Melomania Records born in Algeria (North Africa) now living in Montreal (Canada) where he’s one of the few DJ’s representing Afro House, and like he said: ˝’s like living my passion with body and soul… ˝ Paso Doble took the Afro House Music scene by storm with his enigmatic background as a globetrotting Producer/DJ. His Afro House sound is embraced by soulful vocals. He released on Cabana Records, NULU Records, Soul Sun Soul Music, Ocha Records, Quantize Recordings, Open Bar Music, MoBlack.. Album ˝Africa knows who I am˝ and famous track ˝Tishiki˝ produced with Jim Mastershine & Idd Aziz is still echoing around! He is starting MELOMANIA RECORDS sub label ˝GENETIC MUSIC˝ with more music diversity.



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