DJ Jim Mastershine (SA) 8.1.2020


DJ-Jim MasterShine was back on air!!! He produced now already fames track ˝Tishiki˝ with Paso Doble and Idd Aziz and his EP ¨Next Planet¨ released was a major success worldwide!!! Tracks such as ˝Tishiki˝, ˝Abalele˝ or ˝Love being African˝ exploded this man in to the realm of stars and will be remembered as 2019 TOP releases in Afro house/ tech genre worldwide! He never could imagine his music will be played buy giants such as Black Coffee, Shimza, Black Motion all around the globe on biggest venues and festivals. He is about to release ¨Back to Earth ¨ EP in February & one of biggest in January with Afro Brotherz ¨Music is the culture¨ and track Afro Brotherz & Jim Mastershine is called¨ Sky is the limit ¨Album is fully supported by Prince Kaybee, another SA super star!!



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