Weaving Genres compilation mixed by kLEMENZ

Hector Romero returns to Nervous Records,

curating the second volume of his own compilation ‘Weaving Genres’.

Source: www.houseoffrankie.com

As A&R for Def Mix and most recently host of his online radio show ‘The Network’, Romero’s influence throughout house music is indisputable having worked with artists like David Morales and Frankie Knuckles.

Born and raised in The Bronx, Hector’s DJ experiences span playing legendary venues likes Limelight, Palladium, Save The Robots and The Roxy. Over the years, he has evolved into one of New York’s prime ambassadors of House Music and one of the scene’s most experienced selectors, bringing his eclectic unique style to venues around the world.

The new compilation mixes 18 unreleased stunning tracks and remixes from some of house music’s most respected names including David MoralesOscar GChus & CeballosSatoshi TomiieQuentin HarrisMikki AfflickSaliva CommandosPeppe Citarella, Tony Loreto and many more!

“Even though ‘Weaving Genres’ Vol. 1 was well received I was pretty nervous (no pun intended) about how Vol. 2 would turn out,” explains Hector Romero. “Over the months leading up to the final track listing, the brainstorming and creative ideas from meetings with Mike and Andrew (Nervous) made it really fun putting together Vol. 2. Then the challenge was mixing 15-18 diverse titles to work with each other and create a listening journey out of it – hence the title ‘Weaving Genres’.”

“In a difficult singles market many of the producers featured on ‘Weaving Genres Vol. 2’ have their own labels. Knowing that each producer could have released these tracks makes me grateful that they trusted myself and Nervous to license their exclusive and never released music.”

“The ‘Weaving Genres’ compilation series caters to the home listener and to the cutting edge DJ who are always looking for new and upfront music. I look forward to working on additional volumes in the near future whilst enjoying a continuing relationship with Nervous Records.”

Hector Romero ‘Weaving Genres Vol. Two’ will be released on 5th April 2019.

Pre-orders now available on Traxsource.



1. Moullinex – ‘My Ladybug’ (Severino Unreleased Remix)
2. Tabala – ‘Tabala Mouv’ (Aroop Roy Unreleased Re-Work)
3. Ralph Falcon – ‘I Need Someone’ (FNX OMAR Unreleased Remix)
4. Morena Feat. Carlos Mena – ‘I Am Your DJ’ (Unreleased Version)
5. David Morales, Oscar G – ‘Orisha’ (Oscar G Unreleased Remix)
6. Diephuis & Eman – ‘Shine’ (Diephuis Afro Deep Unreleased Mix)
7. David Morales – ‘Drumster’ (Unreleased Version)
8. Manny Ward & Gomi – ‘Resilience’ feat Sandy B (David Morales Power Remix)
9. David Morales – ‘One Race’ feat. Alex Uhlmann (Chus & Ceballos Unreleased Vocal Mix)
10. Dj Vivona – ‘This Time’ (Unreleased Version)
11. Tony Loreto – ‘Third World’ (Unreleased Version)
12. Paso Doble – ‘From the North to the South’ (Unreleased Version)
13. Mikki Afflick – ‘Thunder Drum Dance’ feat Ritmo Y Tumbao (Unreleased Version)
14. Quentin Harris – ‘Wait’ (Again) feat. Denise Henderson (Tedd Patterson Unreleased Edit)
15. Fabio Aurea – ‘Hideout’ (Unreleased Version)
16. Saliva Commandos – ‘Na Batucada’ feat. Kelly Diniz (Unreleased Version)
17. Peppe Citarella & Mijangos – ‘Dejalo Que Salga’ (Unreleased Version)
18. Satoshi Tomiie – ‘Nono Piano’ (Unreleased Version)

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